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3 Things You Must Remember When Caring For An Alzheimer’s Patient

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Caring for an Alzheimer’s patient is a difficult thing to do. Watching your loved one become frustrated at their own illness is challenging; however, it’s important to remain patient with them and ensure that all of their needs are met. To help with this, below are three things that you must remember when caring for an Alzheimer’s patient:

They Will Have More Difficulty Communicating

As the illness progresses, Alzheimer’s patients find it more and more difficult to communicate. In the early stages, their symptoms may not seem severe; however, they will use familiar words and phrases repeatedly, meander when telling stories, and may speak less often in social situations. Over time, these symptoms will become more pronounced, and your loved one may find it difficult to communicate logically with you and your family. 

During the progression of dementia, family support is absolutely vital. Patience is key when communicating with the Alzheimer’s patient; never become frustrated if their speech doesn’t sound logical to you. Rather, offer them reassurance that you are trying to understand them and make sure you don’t interrupt their train of thought. 

Their Emotions Will Change

Alzheimer’s sufferers don’t just have difficulty with their thoughts, they also struggle with their emotions as the illness progresses. Many patients become more impatient, experience mood swings, and can become stressed over unimportant things. They may also seem distant, which is in part due to the feeling of isolation they experience because of their memory problems. 

These emotional changes can be very difficult to deal with, particularly if you have no experience in dealing with an Alzheimer’s patient. It’s important to remember, however, that your loved one is not losing patience with you; rather, they are losing patience with the illness itself. In many cases, they may also be reacting to their inability to clearly express what it is that they need. In such cases, it is vitally important that you try to understand things from their perspective so that you can offer the best care possible to your family member. 

They Will Need Professional Help

For many people, it is difficult to come to terms with a family member’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Some people become so overwhelmed with the diagnosis that they take on the entire responsibility of caring for the patient. While this is understandable, it’s important to make the best use of available resources, and allow properly trained and experienced professionals care for your loved one. 

One of the best ways of providing this care is by making use of a memory care center. These centers are run by experienced professionals in the field of memory loss and offer round-the-clock assistance to ensure your family member’s needs are met. But it’s important to realize that memory care isn’t the same as a nursing home; rather, the service provided by a memory care center goes above and beyond what is usually offered by a nursing home. This extra care gives your loved one the opportunity to spend more time doing the things they enjoy, ensuring that their illness doesn’t get the better of them. 

For more assistance in handling the situation with an Alzheimer’s patient, consider contacting a professional like those at River Grand Senior Living.

Not Just A Shift: Seven Benefits Of Temp Work

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Job seeking can be intimidating, especially during times of unemployment. In today’s economy, landing a great job can be difficult and can take a lot longer than is ideal. Many turn to temp employment agencies at these times to make ends meet. It might seem like a dead-end, just-for-now type of gig, but working for a temp agency actually has a lot of benefits.

Work on short notice 

Temp agencies specialize in connecting employees with employers, often to fill vacancies that are integral to a company’s day-to-day operations and success. Because of this, many temps are able to get work very soon after their application and interview process is completed.

Variety of work

Temp agency workers have the opportunity to experience many different work environments at many different companies. This kind of variety can be hard to find in a traditional position.

Develop multiple skillsets

Because temp workers are able to see several positions across multiple industries, they also have the opportunity to develop several skills in a short amount of time. This can help workers to find things they excel at, which is incredibly helpful when seeking permanent employment in the future.

Explore work passions

Working at multiple companies across a variety of industries can not only lead to additional skill development and niche learning opportunities, but also help people to discover new passions in those industries. A single temp shift assignment could lead to a new interest, which could lead to new developments down the road.

Develop connections

Perhaps one of the most powerful benefits of working for a temp agency is the chance to develop connections with people throughout several industries. Opportunities often boil down to who you know, so knowing as many people as possible is incredibly helpful. Some of these connections could lead to advancements–both career and personal–in the future.

Potential for full-time employment

Many companies are willing to bring temps on as full-time employees after ensuring that they can perform well enough. In this case, temp work is almost an extended interview. Even if a company’s policy does not include offering positions to temp workers, the connections made through temping can prove vital for landing a job.


Temp work may not always be consistent, but this is not necessarily a downfall. The flexibility afforded by temp agencies can allow for some exploration of non-work activities (or other paid ventures, too).

Working for a temp agency can do more than just put food on the table. Between the connections forged through the multitude of shift opportunities to the vast level of skill exploration available, temp work is incredible for those looking for flexible, interesting positions.

Is Your Teen Addicted To Bath Salts? How You Can Get Them Help

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Approximately 50% of seniors in high school have abused some kind of drug, and 1.3% of them have tried bath salts. If your child is addicted to bath salts, below is some information about what they are, and some methods on how you can help you child get off them.

Bath Salts

Bath salts (synthetic cathinones) contain synthetic chemicals that can be found in the khat plant. Street names of this drug include:

  • White Lightning
  • Scarface
  • Bloom
  • Cosmic Blast
  • Cloud Nine
  • Vanilla Sky
  • Lunar Wave

Bath salts look like brown or white powder, and are sold in either foil packages or small plastic bags. In many cases, a label is placed on the packaging that says it is sold as a jewelry cleaner, or a lens cleaner for eye glasses. This is simply a way that drug dealers conceal this product as a drug. People inject, snort, or swallow the powder.

Your child will show some signs if they are on this drug. Some of these signs include an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, a feeling of euphoria, and an increase in energy. They may also feel depressed, dizzy, or have seizures.

Treatment Options

The type of treatment your child receives depends on how long they have been using this drug, and how addicted they are to it. If the addiction is very bad, a drug treatment center will likely suggest that your child be admitted to their drug rehab hospital so your child can be monitored at all times. This also allows the people at the center to watch your child so they can address the symptoms they have. They may use medication if your child is going through detox to help them get through this difficult time.

Besides providing your child with medical care, they will attend support groups. The center will teach your child what this drug is doing to their body.

If your child has not been using bath salts for long and is not severely addicted to them, they may be able to be treated in an outpatient treatment program. This treatment includes your child visit the drug center regularly the center can monitor them. They will teach your child how to deal with triggers or stay away from people that do these drugs. The center can help you and other family members how you can help your child at home.

Make sure the treatment center is experienced with addiction to bath salts, so they can provide your child with the best care.

How Determining Your Enneagram Types Can Help You Make Happier, Better Choices

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Enneagram tests are a type of personality test that reveals things about yourself that you may already know and some things you do not. In recent years, some major corporations have resorted to using various personality tests, like the enneagram, to determine if candidates for open positions would be a good team fit. However, the enneagram test can also help you determine how your personality types and traits affect your decisions and outcomes. Here is how to use the enneagram types to make better decisions, which should result in happier and/or more harmonious outcomes.

The Nine Enneagram Types

According to this personality test, there are nine personality types, which can criss-cross and intermingle to become a unique personality. These personality types are as follows:

  1. Reformer
  2. Helper
  3. Achiever
  4. Individualist
  5. Investigator
  6. Loyalist 
  7. Enthusiast
  8. Challenger
  9. Peacemaker

If you take the Enneagram test and find out that you are primarily a Loyalist with Helper and Peacemaker tendencies, you can use this information for everything from selecting a complementary mate to finding your niche at work. Bosses and partners who are looking for someone who will stick around for a long time, be ready to assist with anything, and smooth over ruffled feathers and/or keep their calm under less-than-friendly situations will find you the ideal person for the job or the long-lasting relationship they crave. You will be most happy if you find employment under an Achiever or someone who is primarily a Helper according to his or her Enneagram results.

When You Do Not Know the Other Person’s Enneagram Results

If you know for a fact that a company uses enneagram to test all of its potential employees, then you may want to ask your (future) boss or supervisor what his or her results were (if he or she is willing to share). If their enneagram results do not mesh well with your own, you may want to reconsider a job offer or take a chance that you might be very unhappy serving under this person. Likewise, if you are dating someone and want to really get to know him or her a little better, see if he or she is willing to take an enneagram test. If your potential mate is not unwilling and even a little curious him- or herself, it will help you uncover any personality traits that you did not see or traits that could become a problem in the relationship later on.