Not Just A Shift: Seven Benefits Of Temp Work

Posted on: 12 November 2015

Job seeking can be intimidating, especially during times of unemployment. In today's economy, landing a great job can be difficult and can take a lot longer than is ideal. Many turn to temp employment agencies at these times to make ends meet. It might seem like a dead-end, just-for-now type of gig, but working for a temp agency actually has a lot of benefits.

Work on short notice 

Temp agencies specialize in connecting employees with employers, often to fill vacancies that are integral to a company's day-to-day operations and success. Because of this, many temps are able to get work very soon after their application and interview process is completed.

Variety of work

Temp agency workers have the opportunity to experience many different work environments at many different companies. This kind of variety can be hard to find in a traditional position.

Develop multiple skillsets

Because temp workers are able to see several positions across multiple industries, they also have the opportunity to develop several skills in a short amount of time. This can help workers to find things they excel at, which is incredibly helpful when seeking permanent employment in the future.

Explore work passions

Working at multiple companies across a variety of industries can not only lead to additional skill development and niche learning opportunities, but also help people to discover new passions in those industries. A single temp shift assignment could lead to a new interest, which could lead to new developments down the road.

Develop connections

Perhaps one of the most powerful benefits of working for a temp agency is the chance to develop connections with people throughout several industries. Opportunities often boil down to who you know, so knowing as many people as possible is incredibly helpful. Some of these connections could lead to advancements--both career and personal--in the future.

Potential for full-time employment

Many companies are willing to bring temps on as full-time employees after ensuring that they can perform well enough. In this case, temp work is almost an extended interview. Even if a company's policy does not include offering positions to temp workers, the connections made through temping can prove vital for landing a job.


Temp work may not always be consistent, but this is not necessarily a downfall. The flexibility afforded by temp agencies can allow for some exploration of non-work activities (or other paid ventures, too).

Working for a temp agency can do more than just put food on the table. Between the connections forged through the multitude of shift opportunities to the vast level of skill exploration available, temp work is incredible for those looking for flexible, interesting positions.